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I Made A Terrible Mistake

I’ll live with this the rest of my life. You’re probably wondering, Logan ‘what the hell did you do’?

It’s not what I did do, it’s what I didn’t do that will haunt me for the rest of my life.

Back in 2014 I started making money online, I went from having two restaurant jobs and engineering music to leveraging social media and the internet to make money. I started making $10,000 dollars monthly around 2014/2015. So I had plenty of money to invest.


Hearing About Bitcoin For The First Time

One of my friends from high school, his name is Justin Estrada mentioned this thing called Bitcoin to me. And like most people, I brushed it off. I was thinking hmm digital currency, not issued by any central authority, bank or country ehhh can’t be anything. I just brushed it off. And then I saw Bitcoin go from a couple hundred dollars a coin to about $900 dollars per coin. There was a massive pump and I really started paying attention.

My buddy Justin was like “Logan look, we gotta get involved, we gotta started profiting with cryptocurrencies, we need to invest and we need to start doing Bitcoin mining.”

I had no idea what mining was, I was like what do I grab a pick and a shovel and start mining for Bitcoin, what do I do? Just said just give me a couple grand, I’ll buy these “mining rigs”, and I’ll start mining Bitcoin. So I gave him a couple grand and we start mining Bitcoin.


Mining Crypto Begins

So I gave Justin a couple grand and we start mining Bitcoin and for some reason I took my eye off Bitcoin. Bitcoin went down from $900 to around $300 and I thought it was done, I thought it was over. Our mining rig was still going, but I just really wasn’t paying attention. I didn’t understand what a crypto currency really was. I didn’t understand what crypto currencies could do for the world. I didn’t understand the evolution of money. I just wasn’t very educated on cryptocurrency.

And my friends kept on telling me, buy Bitcoin. My dad even put in a couple grand at the time and bought Bitcoin and was like, “yeah whatever”. Friends around me were putting in thousands of dollars into Bitcoin when it was a couple hundred dollars per coin.

At my old apartment complex in Orange County, I met a guy that did cyber security, really cool guy. He had thousands of Bitcoin, he bought Bitcoin when it was around thirteen dollars. He showed me he had tens of millions of dollars worth of crypto. and at that point it was such a wake up call.

I thought to myself, “What am I doing?”. I had made some smart investments and stupid investments, but I didn’t put money into crypto currency. I think it was because it was so foreign to me, it was this new concept and I wasn’t sure, I wasn’t educated.

Knowledge is power.

“When you have the right knowledge and you take the right action, that’s when you make money.” ~ Logan Shippy

Most of my success in business has been attributed to timing, being at the right spot, at the right time with the right people. For some reason I dropped the ball with crypto currencies. And I’ll have to live with this for the rest of my life, watching my friends make millions with crypto.

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Making Money With Bitcoin Is Real, Time To Wakeup

I had completely forgotten about the Bitcoin I was mining.

So I called my buddy Justin and asked, “Hey what about that mining equipment we had?”

He said, “You got a couple Bitcoin.”

I said, “Why don’t you just send me a couple grand and we’ll call it quits.”

Then Bitcoin went to $20,000 per coin.

You have to have these negative experiences in life a lot of times to wake up and I woke up at that point.

There is 1% maybe 2% percent penetration in the market. Meaning people across the world, don’t know what a crypto currency is, they don’t know how to buy them, they don’t have a crypto wallet, there not using them. Bitcoin wen’t to $20,000 and Ethereum rose a 1000% percent.

And I thought again, “What am I doing?”

I had that wake up moment. Experiences cause breakthroughs.

“Experiences cause breakthroughs.” ~ Logan Shippy

A friend on facebook told me about Ethereum when it was less than five dollars a coin. I didn’t invest because I didn’t have the knowledge. That’s what this channel is made for education and inspiration, giving you that knowledge and helping you take that action to create your ideal lifestyle.


This is Second Inning Crypto

Midway into 2017 I got back into crypto currency. I started buying Ethereum and Bitcoin and I saw my account go up by tens of thousands of dollars. Now we’ve had a lot of volatility in the crypto market, but this is all apart of the process. If we were relating this to baseball, we’re just in the second inning. Of nine innings we are in the second inning.

I believe once institutional money comes, hedge funds (Goldman sachs) and government money goes into crypto currencies we’re gonna see this market cap go over a trillion dollars. Probably a couple trillion dollars in the next two, three years. So learn from my mistake.


Learn From My Mistake

Get involved in crypto trading, the least you can do is just buy and hold. #hodl If you want to be more active like me, get involved in crypto trading. Also get involved in crypto mining. So right now there are three different things I’m doing:

  • Buying and Holding: Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin
  • Crypto Trading: I’m actively trading some coins that are really small to stack more Bitcoin.
  • Crypto Mining: The reason you want to get involved in crypto mining. Is because you have the opportunity to get more coin for the same amount of money you spend. It’s like buying coins at wholesale. If Ethereum was a thousand bucks a coins and you had five grand, you can only buy five coins. But if you got involved in mining which I can show you guys how you get the potential to earn twenty coins for the same five grand you spend. You get more bang for the buck.

But again, this mistake will haunt me for the rest of my life. I had friends that made twenty, thirty, forty million plus dollars in this space. That could of been me. It could of been me buying the house in Malibu, but it was one of my friends.

It could of been me…

And it could of been you.

So don’t miss out on this opportunity, it is still so ground floor.


You Will Kick Yourself Later, If You Don’t Get Involved in Cryptocurrency Now

We’re in this early adopters stage in cryptocurrency. Trust me when I say you will kick yourself for not getting involved. 2018 is the prime year to get involved. It’s the year that everything can change for you, because you planted the seed. For that money tree to grow. The best time to plant a money tree was ten years ago, the second best time is today.


A Note From MyDigitalSauce, A.K.A. Justin Estrada

Logan is a good high school friend of mine that has been wildly successfully with his social media & internet marketing skills. This man can accomplish a lot when he sets his mind to it. He’s to humble to throw a big plug in this blog post, so I’ll do it for him, see below.

Logan Shippy Reveals His Personal Strategies

Discover How To Profit With CRYPTO CURRENCIES

* This is not FINANCIAL ADVICE, trade at your own risk *