Dream Snowboard Work Trip

I would never have imagined that I would get the opportunity to attend a work trip at my favorite ski resort. Growing up in Southern California Mammoth Mountain has always been my favorite winter get away. So it was particularly special for me to be invited. This experience I shared with my co-workers was truly unique.

Business + Snowboarding = Awesome!


Randy Taylor Can Shred.

Randy Taylor, Massis Chahbazian, Jeff Freeman and I hit the slopes early Sunday morning. A bluebird sky, deserted lift line day awaited us. The conditions were perfect for shredding. I skated into the lift line only to be thwarted by the electronic lift gate. I attempted to slide in behind Jeff, drafting off his ticket pass, but unfortunately I got called out by a Mammoth employee. So I initially got left behind, so that I could resolve my ticket issues.

Two lifts later I meet up with everyone and take the Gondola to the top! The view is as breathtaking as ever at the top and I was ready to shred. Massis cuts swiftly down the mountain face followed shortly after by me.  At the bottom of the run Massis and I witnessed the most beautiful display of Jeff’s signature butt slide. Randy showed us he’s a veteran shredder and being the super nice boss that he is, he sprayed Massis and I with powder before sending it down the mountain. What a show off.

This was just a small summary of my snowboarding experience on the slopes Mammoth Lakes, CA. I got spend so much quality time snowboarding with my coworkers. I spent all Saturday shredding with Nick, Carlie, Dustin & Jeff and even got to see my girlfriend improve her snowboard skills.

I gotta say that it was a splendid way to spend my first ever professional work trip.



The Cherry On Top Of The Trip

Comfortable beds and warm jacuzzis made Mountain at Mammoth (our cabin) truly a treat. I had never stayed that close to Mammoth Mountain ski resorts in all my veteran years of visiting Mammoth. The proximity made everything hassle free, quick easy stops at the cabin were a breeze.

I must say that having a comfortable bed to rest my sore legs and warm jacuzzi to sooth my muscles came in clutch.

I would have been much more crankier without these luxuries, haha.

Mammoth Fun



My girlfriend, Kelsey and I were so grateful to be including in such an awesome gathering of talented individuals. We loved it so much that we want to do it again, next week! I’m half serious, half joking about going next week, again.

The most important realization I had about the whole Mammoth work trip was that, it takes all of our collective team effort to organize and arrange an incredible trip. Just like it takes all of Taylor Digital to make our digital work so great. So looking forward, I’m going to continually remind myself that these luxuries we earn are the direct result of the effort we put into every line of code as developers.

So grab any drink nearest you and raise a toast to yourself and the luxuries you will enjoy because of your resilient hard work.

Thank you Taylor Digital