Knowledge is Power

Education is the most important aspect of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency by Bitcoin Zay, Co-founder – KRBE Digital Assets Group

“I don’t care what the price is, I’m going to buy Bitcoin” – Newbie Family Member, December 2017

The quote above was the shared sentiment among most investors and traders who entered the cryptocurrency space late last year. Following the Thanksgiving holiday, the overall market cap of the cryptocurrency industry was a touch below $300 billion dollars. Due to a spike in news coverage and hype about Bitcoin as a new asset class, the market cap increased to over $800 Billion in one month. Bitcoin’s price was approaching $20,000, altcoins were seeing triple digit gains and euphoria was at an all-time high.


Then The Market Correction Happened

March was the worst performing month in Bitcoin history (-38%) and Q1 2018 was the worst performing quarter on record. This has left many new traders and investors wondering what is happening? Is crypto going to crash forever?


In fact, this is one of the best time periods in a market cycle. Often times when the price is lower many people begin to focus on the aspect of this industry that is often overlooked, education.


Three Things Necessary For Success In Cryptocurrency Market

Three main things you need to learn in order to succeed in the cryptocurrency market and build a foundation for the future.

  1. Technology – Even if you are not tech savvy, basic understanding of a Blockchain and how to use cryptocurrency is essential.
    • What is a Blockchain?
    • Wallets – how to store your coins and keep them off exchanges
    • Exchanges – where to buy coins and digital tokens
    • Security – using a Virtual Private Network and Two-Factor Authentication
  2. Basic Trading – Learning how to trade can be difficult, however, knowing the basics and practice will help newcomers be profitable.
    • Support/Resistance
    • Stop-Loss
    • Risk/Reward ratio
  3. Crypto and International News – Just like in traditional markets, good or bad news can cause a change in market sentiment.
    • Learn how news from different countries can affect the market.

Education is key to succeeding in this market but in this industry, you have to make sure the information you receive is accurate. Check out this list of resources to get started. If you feel overwhelmed, don’t worry it takes time. So, take a deep breath, read all you can during this bear market cycle and learn how to take advantage of this new and exciting industry.

Data Privacy Technical Infrastructure Design


We’re Here To Help

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