January 15th marked my last day at Taylor Digital after a year and a half as a full-time developer

I want to thank Randy Taylor, Lisa Thomas, Adam Green, Carlie Clippinger, Issac La, Monique, Kaustav, and everyone else on the Taylor Digital team for making my time at Taylor Digital special.

It was a wonderful place to improve my development skills and I will miss Taylor Digital and the people there.

Kaustav, Dustin, Adam, Randy, Jim, and I accepting a popcorn gift from CalTax.com

What I Learned

I learned a great many new technologies.

I learned how to collaborate better on code projects with several developers (Gitflow).

I learned how to better effectively solve problems.

I want to especially thank Adam Green.

Adam taught me a great many things at Taylor Digital from proper User Experience to better MySQL queries and to better procedural programming.

My Taylor Digital Departure Game Plan

As soon as the CEO Randy Taylor told me I would be laid off and would no longer be working at Taylor Digital I knew that it was time to develop an immediate game plan.

My last day was spent helping transition a couple projects to other employees.

That night that I knew I would no longer be working at Taylor Digital I wrote LinkedIn recommendations for all my former colleagues whom I worked with closely.

After that I called all my Freelance clients and built up my work pipeline. I contact many people and managed to build a pipeline of work that was full for the next few weeks.

I then backed up all my personal documents to a non work computer device.

The next day, I went to sushi with the other employees that got laid off where we got to laugh and speak openly about our experiences at Taylor Digital.

I went around the office and thanked the Taylor Digital seniors for the opportunity.

I asked each former Taylor Digital colleague who I worked with closely for LinkedIn recommendations.

I now felt assured that I have done everything to ready myself for a smooth departure from Taylor Digital and beginning to look forward to exciting career opportunities!

I hope that if you are going through a job transition that this blog post helps you game plan exactly what you need to do to make a smooth and professional departure.

I’ve Got Nothing To Lose

A couple weeks prior to getting laid off, I began to notice less and less development work was coming through the pipeline and there was a void to be filled on the marketing team.

I saw this as an opportunity to increase my marketing skills and began to deliver more marketing tasks helping out Taylor Digital.

As a result of this newfound passion for marketing. I created a marketing strategy I call “Secret Marketing Formula”.

Visit mydigitalsecrets.com If you would like to purchase the “Secret Marketing Formula”!

So before I left Taylor Digital for good I made sure to pitch some decision makers on my Secret Marketing Formula.

ABC ladies and gentlemen. Always Be Closing ladies and gentlemen!

Where I’m Headed Now

Since being laid off I’ve completed many new projects for clients including; Melanie Hunley, VentGripz, Radical Skincare and Toobs Distribution.

I’ve also launched several new products on the MyDigitalSauce store including Saucy Followers a WordPress plugin that installs a follow/unfollow community system on your WordPress site.

I also attended a two day entrepreneur event at the Palms hotel in Vegas. I met more entrepreneurs and millionaires there than I ever have in my life.

Being self employed so far has been great and I can’t to continually build my business and accomplish my goals.

One of those goals is a YouTube channel called Real Justin Estrada where I share tutorials on programming, entrepreneurship and much more…

Thank you for reading about my journey!

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I toast to your success!