In this blog article we are going to discuss the power of using Git Flow to better improve your code deployment and efficiency in software development.

What is Gitflow?

Gitflow Workflow is a Git workflow design published by Vincent Driessen. The Gitflow Workflow defines a strict branching model designed around the project release. This provides a robust framework for managing larger projects.

I was introduced to Gitflow by my knowledgeable co-workers at Taylor Digital.

Getting Started

Install git-flow quickly with homebrew for Mac OS.

$ brew install git-flow-avh

Git Flow Cheatsheet

I constantly refer to this cheatsheet documentation when I forget a command, need to reference what the command does or when I’m teaching others about Gitflow uses. View The Gitflow Cheatsheet
Initialize git-flow inside an existing repository.

$ git flow init

Power of Gitflow Feature Branches

Create a new feature branch based on develop.

$git flow feature start MYFEATURE