Hello my successful amazing readers, this is a motivation rant to get you off your ass.


This World Is Full Of Unaware People

There are three types of people in the world:

  • One type of person makes things happen.
  • Second type of person watches things happen.
  • Third type of person wonder why things happen.

Most people are in the third type of person category.


Everyone Seems So Distracted With Zero Focus

I was talking to someone today in a business meeting and their head was up in the clouds. Come back down to Earth and let’s get real.

Be focused, be practical and get focused.

Get off your damn phone and get focused.

“There’s a time to stop and smell the roses, but that time isn’t right now”

Most of the people in this generation have their faces full of roses. You got sit down and focus and put in the work.


Then because of their lack of focus they blame things like how the government doesn’t take care of them, yata yata yata… Like what planet are you on?

You honestly think any president; Trump, Obama, Bush is gonna fix your finances?

They do minor policy changes that might get you a little bit bigger tax reduction of financing on your mortgage.

You think minor policy changes are gonna change your life?

No. Come back to planet Earth.


Steps To Get Off Your Ass

#1 Step is Awareness – In Alcoholic Anonymous the first step is they ask you to admit you’re an alcoholic.

If you are distracted admit it. If you’re lazy admit it. Only after you identify and become aware of the problem can you implement habits to change it for the better.

You can’t blame others for your financial problems, just like you shouldn’t sue McDonalds for being overweight or sue the Casinos cause you have a gambling problem. You’re in control, take the power back and put it in your hands.

Some people just spend more than you make, you gotta fix that. You can’t blame the government or your employer about your bad spending habits.

Keep It Simple Stupid

Be aware and admit where you are. Nobody cares about you except for you.

If you need a loan or are in the hospital most won’t give you that loan or visit you in the hospital.

You gotta take care of you and it all starts with awareness that you have control over your life no one else.


Get Your Game Up

Get your game up I know you can do it.

Don’t be average.

I cheers to your success!