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If you have a passion and want to share your knowledge with your audience, then we have an awesome WordPress blog theme for you.

What is WordPress? WordPress is a FREE ‘Content Management System’ software for websites.

What is a WordPress theme? A WordPress theme provides all of the front end styling of your WordPress site.


Cop a Marinara Blog WordPress Theme

Our Marinara Blog WordPress theme “customizer” ease of use will save you time, the cutting edge design will increase your user engagement and the bulletproof functionality will increase your business revenue!



Here’s a demonstration of a site that you can make with this theme.

Marinara Blog WP Theme Screenshot


Just 3 Simple Steps

In this short tutorial series I show you how to complete your new blog with three simple steps; installation, setup & customization. Follow this tutorial to setup a blog in under 15 minutes.


  • Hosting account. If you don’t have a hosting account I recommend Siteground, they have #1 customer support and are my personal favorite for Apache servers.
  • WordPress site. Almost every hosting company has a one-click WordPress installation.

If you prefer reading a tutorial, here is the text version.


Part 1 – Installation


Part 2 – Setup


Part 3 – Customization


Tutorial Demo Website

Tutorial Demo Website - Screenshot

Heres the website demo we made in this tutorial: Surfers Paradise #1 Surf Destination Blog

Thank For Following Along

I truly want you to succeed with your online business! If you have any questions or need help reach out to MyDigitalSauce support.

Let my know if you thought my tutorial was good or horrible, leave a comment below!