Utilize Instagram to Go Viral

Instagram has a huge potential for your business to gain exposure and attract an audience. In these four steps I lay out the precise formula for gaining viral attention to your profile.

#1 Content Quality

Choose the right pictures, brand them and gain followers. It isn’t enough to just post content blindly, choose the right pictures. Pixabay.com is great resource for FREE images if you’re just getting started. Have a visual strategic plan when posting content. The image below is a picture of our Instagram account. See how we strategically crafted the content to follow a pattern and how every picture of the same type goes diagonal. Craft a visual pleasing Instagram gallery and your followers will be impressed.

Utilize Instagram to Go Viral

A visually captivating Instagram is the first step to going viral, the second step is to make sure you are targeting the right audience.

#2 Consistency

Be consistent! Be consistent with your brand, with the time of day your post and with the post descriptions. I probably un-follow two people a day because they start posting content that isn’t relevant to their brand. Example I’m following a snowboarding account because I love snowboarding and then all of a sudden the snowboard account starts posting pictures of their friends drinking and smoking or a burrito they ate for lunch. Consider that person dropped. Remember your audience follows your brand for a reason, please your audience and keep your followers. Also it’s important to be consistent with the day and time of your post, if you post every two days stick with it. Don’t post once a week and expect to keep your followers. There’s this YouTuber Jimmy Tatro who has a brand called LATJ, his tagline is, “New videos every Monday.” I consciously and subconsciously look forward to his videos literally every Monday. Even if your Instagram followers don’t directly tell you they look forward to your daily posts, trust me they do! Also be consistent with your Instagram voice, your Instagram voice is the language you use in your bios, guaranteed your followers each have an individualized impression of your brand from your voice. View MyDigitalSauce’s Instagram for a live example.

MyDigitalSauce Instagram Screenshot     MyDigitalSauce Instagram Screenshot     MyDigitalSauce Instagram Screenshot

#3 Audience Targeting

Don’t waste your time attempting to attract followers that are not interested in your particular niche. Make sure ever post is targeted to your niche market. Tag a location and tag users in your post that are relevant and would be interested in what you have to say. Use the correct hashtags that are relevant to your brand by doing hashtag research. Instagram lets a maximum of 30 hashtags per post, so utilize that and leverage hashtags to their fullest potential. The best way to do this is after your post bio, add an additional comment and paste your 30 hashtags from your clipboard.

#4 Automation

Generate more leads and sales 24/7 by using the Power of Automation. Automation is the tool you need if you don’t have time to play around on social media all day! Nobody realistically has time to be commenting, messaging and liking posts all day, so MyDigitalSauce partners Insta Managers invented the tools you need to automate your Instagram Growth.

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Insta Managers Features

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Insta Managers offers a huge opportunity for smart people like you to capitalize on the 1 billion user Instagram audience.

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Viral Instagram Strategy Recap

  1. Focus on Quality Content
  2. Target your Niche Audience
  3. Automation to Gain New Followers while you Sleep

I wish you the best of luck with your new Instagram strategy, remember that failing to plan your Instagram strategy is a plan to fail.