Why Bitcoin Starter Guide 3.0?

Bitcoin Starter Guide 3.0 is the third installment of the “Bitcoin Starter Guide” series from Isaiah Jackson.

This guide is 4X longer that the 2.0 version and more informative than ever!

Novices, intermediate users and casual traders can benefit from the resources provided in this guide.


Top 20 Cryptocurrencies Analysis

In this eBook you’ll find pages of the Top 20 Cryptocurrencies on the market and an in depth analysis breakdown of each cryptocurrency.


8 Ways to Make Money

In this eBook Isaiah Jackson “Bitcoin Zay” demonstrates 8 ways to make money in the crypto space. These lucrative ventures could be your next stream of income.


Crypto Trading Basics

In this educational eBook you’ll learn Crypto Trading Basics including; technical analysis, support and resistance, liquidity zones, market cycles, volume and price action.


Bitcoin for Businesses

Read about what Bitcoin means for Businesses of the future. Isaiah Jackson holds nothing back when talking about how Bitcoin will change the business landscape forever.


And much more!

Hundreds of readers have gained valuable insight from Isaiah Jackson’s “Bitcoin Zay’s” Bitcoin Starter Guide 3.0 and so should you.

Get the insider information before the next cryptocurrency bull run happens!


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  • This eBook is a life saver

    This eBook is a life saver, cryptocurrency isn’t for the weak at heart but I see where the future is headed and #Bitcoin & Alt-coins are the future. I invested 80% of my last money into this fund, and I have regretted it yet.

    When I first talked to Bitcoin Zay about this he said, “let me show you how to make this horizontal money, that vertical money will make you tired”.

  • Great job

    Great job, listened to KRBE YouTube for a short time, but hooked. Ditched coinbase for uphold and haven’t looked back. Even was able to purchase some ripple for no fee when it was offered. Love your podcast and never miss an episode.

  • Great Guy... Great eBook.

    Great Guy… Great eBook.

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