Why Fantasy Elf Characters?

Set of 8 Fantasy Elf Characters.

High quality vector characters illustration.

Fully customizable in AI.

Each character has a JPG and PNG (High Res).

Fantasy Elf Characters:

  • Red hair Elf archer with bow.
  • Braided hair Elf with purple dress.
  • Hooded Elf devil with horns and pitchfork.
  • White haired Elf with emerald eyes and blue dress.
  • Yellow haired Elf with blue eyes.
  • Dark haired Elf knight with shield and sword.
  • White haired Elf with knife.
  • Robed Elf wizard with wizard’s staff.

Font used Enchanted Lands.

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Last UpdatedApril 25, 2019
CreatedApril 25, 2019
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