Documentation for bbq business card

Quick Start Guide

Once you have installed the latest version of Photoshop (, then you can start editing the Print Template.

Customizing the Business Card

  1. Unzip the file
  2. In the Photoshop Templates Folder Open the bbq-business-card-front.psd & bbq-business-card-back.psd file with Photoshop

Change the logo

  1. Double click the layers thumbnail titled 'Logo (Double Click This Thumbnail)'
  2. A popup modal will appear, click 'OK'
  3. Place your logo in that file. There are many was to put your logo in this file. One way is to open up your logo in Photoshop right click the layer and duplicate the layer into the file you just opened up. Another way is to open your logo in Photoshop then copy that logo and paste it into the file you just opened
  4. Save this file, close it and you will see that the logo changed in bbq-business-card-front.psd or bbq-business-card-back.psd

Customizing the Business Card Background Color

  1. Select the layer titled 'Background'
  2. Right Click the layer, select 'Blending Options'
  3. Check 'Color Overlay', choose the background color you prefer and click 'OK'